MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 03/03/2013 00:30:23.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester SUN 3/3

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:32 TCX67CL  G-DHJZ   Airbus A320-214
00:44 TOM3BT   G-FDZU   Boeing 737-8K5/W
00:56 TOM4KY   G-TAWJ   Boeing 737-8K5/W
00:58 MON569   G-OZBM   Airbus A321-231
01:11 TCX92XT  G-DHJH   Airbus A321-211
05:10 TCX2469  G-FCLI   Boeing 757-28A
06:41 ETD015   A6-EYI   Airbus A330-243
06:51 QTR041   A7-AED   Airbus A330-302
06:55 UAL100   N12125   Boeing 757-224
07:08 EIN20E   EI-DVH   Airbus A320-214
07:17 SIA328   9V-SWF   Boeing 777-312ER
07:21 RYR17ME  EI-EML   Boeing 737-8AS
07:24 VIR76X   G-VINE   Airbus A330-343X
07:26 TOM169   G-OBYH   Boeing 767-304
07:29 UAE21    A6-EGK   Boeing 777-31HER                – (9th Visit)
07:32 AAL210   N199AN   Boeing 757-223
07:35 UAL20    N33132   Boeing 757-224
07:38 TCX325   G-MDBD   Airbus A330-243
07:40 SWR39B   HB-IJB   Airbus A320-214
08:04 AFR1668  F-GKXS   Airbus A320-214
08:07 VIR74    G-VXLG   Boeing 747-41R
08:11 DAL64    N152DL   Boeing 767-3P6
08:13 AAL54    N185AN   Boeing 757-223
08:16 REA60MA  EI-EHH   Aerospatiale ATR42-300
08:19 REA20M  …

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The JetHead Blog

hud aaFirst Officers love to derisively grumble about the captain being a HUD cripple–meaning he can’t make a decent landing without the “HUD”–Heads Up Display.” Fine–count me in: I swear by the device.

HUDs are standard now on the Boeing 787 and I’ll bet there’s less grumbling from F/O’s for one good reason: now there’s a HUD on their side as well in the 787. On the 737-800, the HUD is only on the captain’s side.

I’ll admit that I had my doubts too when I first started the transition from MD-80 captain to 737 captain. How could Flight Management computers, ILS antennas GPS and symbol generators reliably synthesize a runway display before my eyes despite clouds and weather obscuration? Worse, without any ground-based approach aids, how could the jet’s computers and satellite receivers pinpoint our position close enough to allow for safe descent and approach–completely in the blind?

I’ll also…

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The JetHead Blog

You’d only know this if you’d been in the cockpit of an airliner. And I have been–for almost 28 years now.  Over 21 of those years as captain.


Sooner or later, you’ll have to fly with “that pilot:” the one who is impressed with himself, and more importantly, his impression of himself. The “self” he assumes others see, but in real life, something else is apparent.

Unfortunately, “that guy” craves recognition. May have the awful bumper sticker on their car proclaiming “My other car is a Boeing;” they need to be seen in aviator sunglasses (never owned a pair), have to wear a gawd awful watch the size of Flavor Flav’s clock (flight attendant bride gave me too nice a tank watch for me to ever wear the cliche), and of course, off duty they dress like the calendar says the present year minus twenty. They can be ex-military (if…

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 26/02/2013 06:20:59.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 05

Manchester TUE 26/2

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type   
06:23 ETD015   A6-EYG   Airbus A330-243
06:50 UAE21    A6-EGD   Boeing 777-31HER
06:57 SIA328   9V-SWJ   Boeing 777-312ER
07:06 DLH2PF   D-ACNB   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:17 SHT2A    G-EUUI   Airbus A320-232
07:24 BMR1582  G-RJXH   Embraer EMB145EP
07:27 TOM113   G-OOBL   Boeing 767-324
07:30 SHT34CA  G-DOCO   Boeing 737-436
07:32 VIR76X   G-VKSS   Airbus A330-343X
07:38 SWR39B   HB-JVF   Fokker F28 Mk.0100
07:40 BEE2YC   G-FLBA   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:42 AAL210   N186AN   Boeing 757-223
07:44 BEE8GR   G-JECE   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:46 EZY130   G-EZBC   Airbus A319-111
07:49 AAL54    N185AN   Boeing 757-223
07:51 BEE9KY   G-FLBD   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:53 BEE5RL   G-ECOA   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:55 BMR1366  G-RJXM   Embraer EMB145MP
08:00 BEE9FB   G-FBEA   Embraer ERJ 190-200 LR
08:02 BEE1ML   G-FBEJ   Embraer EMB195SR
08:04 DLH1WT   D-ACNH   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
08:06 DAL64    N156DL   Boeing 767-3P6
08:10 AFR1668  F-GTAK   Airbus…

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 27/02/2013 00:00:56.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 05

Manchester WED 27/2

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:02 OVA32P   EC-HCH   Swearingen SA227AC Metro III
00:04 TOM3YG   G-TAWJ   Boeing 737-8K5/W
00:07 BID12B   D-CAVA   Fairchild Swearingen SA
00:30 EZY167R  G-EZUU   Airbus A320-214
05:39 CPA067   B-LIF    Boeing 747-467ERF
06:16 QTR041   A7-AEE   Airbus A330-302
06:20 ETD015   A6-EYD   Airbus A330-243
06:38 FTL5132  EC-JIP   Swearingen SA-226TC Metro
06:54 FTL4132  EC-GXJ   Swearingen SA226-TC Metro
07:16 DLH2PF   D-ACNB   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:25 SHT34CA  G-DOCT   Boeing 737-436
07:28 DLH1WT   D-ACNH   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:30 BEE2YC   G-FLBC   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:32 BEE5RL   G-JEDV   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:34 SWR39B   HB-IPX   Airbus A319-112
07:36 AAL210   N187AN   Boeing 757-223
07:38 SHT2A    G-EUYA   Airbus A320-232
07:39 BEE6JZ   G-JEDW   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:40 UAE21    A6-EGK   Boeing 777-31HER                – (8th Visit)
07:42 BEE8GR   G-ECOB   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:44 BEE6DP   G-ECOP   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:45 BMR1582  G-RJXA  …

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 28/02/2013 00:55:41.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 05

Manchester THU 28/2

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:57 BID12B   D-CAVA   Fairchild Swearingen SA
01:20 OVA32R   EC-HCH   Swearingen SA227AC Metro
05:50 ETD015   A6-EYL   Airbus A330-243
06:11 TOM9242  G-TAWM   Boeing 737-8K5/W           – (Delivery) *****
06:24 FTL4141  EC-GXJ   Swearingen SA226-TC Metro
06:41 TOM123   G-OOBL   Boeing 767-324
06:44 UAE21    A6-EGG   Boeing 777-31HER
06:57 SIA328   9V-SWA   Boeing 777-312ER
07:24 DLH2PF   D-ACNB   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:26 SHT2A    G-DBCA   Airbus A319-131
07:30 BEE8GR   G-ECOD   DHC-8-402
07:32 SHT34CA  G-DOCB   Boeing 737-436
07:34 DLH1WT   D-ACNH   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:37 BEE5RL   G-JECP   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:41 BEE6JZ   G-FLBA   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:43 BEE9FB   G-JEDR   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:47 VIR76X   G-VKSS   Airbus A330-343X
07:49 SWR39B   HB-IXN   Avro 146-RJ100
07:51 BEE2YC   G-JECL   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:53 BEE2DV   G-JECM   De Havilland DHC8-402
08:00 AFR1668  F-HEPC   Airbus A320-214
08:04 BMR1366  G-RJXM   Embraer EMB145MP

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 10/02/2013 00:05:35.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23 until 12.45 when ops changed to 05.

Manchester SUN 10/2

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:08 TOM3BT   G-TAWJ   Boeing 737-8K5/W
00:19 TCX67CL  G-SUEW   Airbus A320-214
00:30 RYR3788  EI-DCO   Boeing 737-8AS
00:44 TCX92XT  G-NIKO   Airbus A321-211
00:56 MON513   G-OZBK   Airbus A320-214
05:57 UAL100   N57111   Boeing 757-224
06:05 ETD015   A6-EYQ   Airbus A330-243
06:31 QTR041   A7-AFP   Airbus A330-202
06:43 EFD111   D-CHIO   Cessna 525B CitationJet
06:55 VIR76X   G-VKSS   Airbus A330-343X
06:57 UAE21    A6-EBK   Boeing 777-31HER
07:00 UAL20    N14118   Boeing 757-224
07:03 SIA328   9V-SWD   Boeing 777-312ER
07:06 TOM145   G-PJLO   Boeing 767-35E
07:10 AAL54    N195AN   Boeing 757-223
07:16 TOM169   G-OOAN   Boeing 767-39H
07:23 EIN20E   EI-EDP   Airbus A320-214
07:26 RYR17ME  EI-DHF   Boeing 737-8AS
07:37 AAL210   N189AN   Boeing 757-223
07:47 MOPAL    M-OPAL   Pilatus PC12/47E
07:51 DAL64    N155DL   Boeing 767-3P6
07:53 AFR1668  F-GTAV   Airbus A321-212
07:57 VIR74    G-VGAL   Boeing 747-443
08:01 SWR39B  …

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